The Human Brain : From Neurone to Nervous System


  1. Compression of peripheral nerves result in symptoms relating to damage to the motor and sensory axons that are affected.

  2. The level of nerve damage depends on whether conduction is blocked, axons are transected or whole nerves are transected (known as neuropraxis, axonotmesis and neurotmesis respectively).

  3. Damage to Motoneurones results in Weakness or Paralysis, Loss of Reflex Activity and Atrophy in the denervated or partially denervated Muscles.

  4. Sensory symptoms include paraesthesia and pain.

  5. Clinical Neurophysiological Investigations involved Nerve Conduction Tests and Electromyography, which allow diagnosis and the abily to follow the course of recovery. These may be supplemented by MRI visualisation of sites of nerve compression.