The Human Brain : From Neurone to Nervous System

MOTOR CONTROL: The Pre-Motor Cortex and Supplementary Motor Area

  1. The pre-motor cortex, in front of the motor cortex, is concerned with higher aspects of motor control, such as the planning and sequencing of complex movements that will be executed by the adjacent motor cortex.

  2. The pre-motor areas (incuding the supplementary motor cortex) interact with the motor cortex to organise complex and sequential movements. They utilise information provided by the basal ganglia, the posterior parietal cortex(PPC) and association cortex concerned with spatial awareness.

  3. These are all interconnected, and the basal ganglia's role is to initiate movement: this the part of the CNS that become active before any other in the performance of a movement. Events in 3-dimensional space involve vision, touch and proproception and the role of the posterior parietal cortex is to integrate these inputs.

  4. Key Words: Pre-motor Cortex, Posterior Parietal Cortex (PPC), Association Cortex, Basal Ganglia