The Human Brain : From Neurone to Nervous System

THE LIMBIC SYSTEM : The Papez Circuit

  1. Emotional Feelings and Bodily Expression of Emotion are handled by different parts of the brain. The Limbic system ('visceral brain') is responsible for the bodily changes that accompany emotion of any sort.

  2. Severe damage to the human frontal cortex causes patients to fail to react to emotional events, and an inability to make personal or social decisions, and personalities change.

  3. Papez is known for his hypothesis concerning the circuitry linking consciousness, thought and emotional behaviour. A more modern version of this wiring diagram was produced by MacLean, which included reciprocal links between the original Papez circuit an the neocortex.

  4. Together these circuits provide some explanation of the inks between the emotional brain and consciousness. Extremes of emotion reult in psychopathology, which may be understood in terms of these neural circuits

  5. Key Words: Orbital and Cingulate Cortex, Cingulum, Hippocampus, Amygdala, Fornix, Mamillary Bodies, Striae Terminalis and Septal Area of the Hypothalamus; Emotional Behaviour; Memory.