This website describes the functions of the Human Brain, considering its structure and function in health and disease.

The aim is to provide an introduction to modern neuroscience, which is an enormous subject in itself. So this site can only be a start, but for those who are interested in studying the subject at a higher level, the best modern text on Neuroscience is 'Principles of Neural Science' by Kandel, Schwartz, Siegelbaum and Hudspeth (2013). IBSN: 978-0-07-139011-8. Published by McGraw-Hill pp 1709.

Many of the images are available by browsing the internet; where possible an attempt has been made to provide the origin of the images used.

The title of the site 'From Neurone to Nervous System' is derived from the title my friend Alan Brown used for his book 'Nerve Cells and Nervous Systems' (2001) [ISBN 978-1-4471-0237-3]. It can be recommended as a valuable introduction to neuroscience, and is still available on

This project was initiated in discussions with my friend and colleague Wim Lammers, who started our companion site: HumanPhysiology.Academy.
John Morrison 2017